Level 1 Health Education

NCEA Level: 

Department / Subject Area:

Learning themes covered:

  • Relationships (friends, family, & romance),
  • Building Resilience (bouncing back from hard times),
  • Body image and Sexuality (critical thinking about peer pressure, identity, & safety),
  • Couple of quiets at 4:20 (drug laws, critical decision-making and safer communities together).

Achievement Standards on offer:

US3503 - Participate and communicate in a team or group to complete a routine task. 2 credits.

US14235 - Explain Hauora and influences on Hauora, nd examine ways for inproving Hauora. 3 credits.

AS91097 - Demonstrate understanding of ways in which well-being can change and stratigies to suppot well-being. 4 credits.

AS90974 - Demonstrate understanding of stratigies for promoting positive sexuality. 4 credits.

AS90975 - Demonstrate understanding of issues to make health-enhancing decisions in drug-related situations. 4 credits (external assessment as an extension for students who are excelling).