Level 1 Physical Education

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Learning Theme: We’re all in this Together (Participating & contributing)

Can we all fit in to sport? We will explore this question through experiencing a variety of physical activities both onsite and offsite where we will learn to understand what appeals/doesn’t appeal to you. We will explore interpersonal relationships and how that impacts your participation in the various activities.

AS90962 - Participate actively in a variety of physical activities and explain factors that influence own participation. 5 credits.

Learning Theme: Think, Move, Improve! (Managing self)

Can you only be sporty if you are born sporty?  Or can ‘being sporty’ be learned?  We will explore these two questions through a variety of individual and team activities. We will experiment what strategies helps you improve your performance and how this varies from person to person. 

AS90967 - Demonstrate strategies to improve the performance of a physical activity and describe the outcomes. 3 credits.

AS90970 - Demonstrate self-management strategies and describe the effects on participation in physical activity. 3 credits.

Learning Theme: Why don’t we all love the same stuff? (Thinking & relating to others)

What is meant by the term ‘society’? Does it influence you, or are you totally unaffected by it? Why does it influence us? Why does it influence each of us differently? What does all of this do to your Hauora? What was society like 100 years ago and how did that influence peoples movement compared to today?

AS90965 - Demonstrate understanding of societal influences on physical activity and the implications for self and others. 4 credits. 

Learning Theme: Hit the Bin for the Win! (Thinking & relating to others)

How does my body work in a competitive environment? How significant am/can I be in this competition? You will be participating and assessed on your competence as a Ki O Rahi player.

AS90964 - Demonstrate quality movement in the performance of a physical activity. 3 credits.