Level 2 Physical Education

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Learning Theme: The Golden Geese (Participating and Contributing; Managing Self)

What are the different roles in a well-functioning group? What role do I play? When is it time to lead and when is it time to follow? How does group function affect our Hauora/wellbeing? You will be working with a group to teach a junior class skills, drills and game plays about a sport that the junior class likes.

AS91332 - Apply and explain appropriate leadership strategies that contribute to the effective functioning of a group. 4 credits.

Learning Theme: Mind, Body, Soul (Interpreting Language, Symbols and Text; Thinking)

How does my body work? How do I react to being outside my physical comfort zone? Why is it important to understand the functioning of my body? You will be participating in a variety of gym based exercise classes e.g Circuit training, yoga, spin, zumba to learn and understand biophysical principles.

AS91328 - Explain how biophysical principles relate to the learning of physical skills. 5 credits.

Learning Theme: A Journey of Discovery (Relating to Others; Thinking)

What is Whanaungatanga? How do we imbed Whanaungatanga in everything we do? Does Whanaungatanga end? You will be participating in a variety of ABL activities and analyzing group processes.

AS91336 - Analyse group processes in physical activity. 3 credits.

Learning Theme: Finish this set over the net (Using Language, Symbols & Text)

How does my body work in a competitive environment? How significant am/can I be in this competition? Is Whanaungatanga still flowing? You will be participating and assessed on your competence as a badminton player through a class tournament.

AS91330 - Perform a physical activity in an applied setting. 4 Credits.