Year 10 Physical Education

Year Level: 
Year 10

Department / Subject Area:

Learning Theme: Whanaungatanga (Relating to Others)

What What does whanaungatanga look, sound, and feel like? What could an inclusive attitude be in a game situation? What do we expect of each other when organising activities, participating, and making sense of activities (tuakana/teina, rights, roles, responsibilities)? How How could we value each other, no matter what peoples’ physical skills are like? So what How does a sense of whanaungatanga help Hauora (Socio-ecological perspective self, others, team, class, Linwood College)?

Learning Theme: Skill development (Thinking)                                                                               

What How can I learn and develop physical skills? If I can’t do something very well now, does it always have to stay that way? How How can we improve our skills through games (TGFU)? How can we use what we learned about whanaungatanga? So what How does improving physical skills help Hauora (Socio-ecological perspective self, others, team, class, Linwood College sport)?

Learning Theme: Risks on-line and off (Managing Self)

What is your comfort zone and what is beyond it? What does risk mean? How How is this similar and different to other people (Socio-ecological perspective, Attitudes & Values)? How could people be harmed in physical activity, leisure, or sports (Hauora)? What do ACC statistics tell us about risks and injuries caused by sport? Now what What risks can be eliminated and which can be managed with safety strategies (Health Promotion, Socio-ecological perspective)?

Learning Theme: Choice Bro (Participating & Contributing)

What What choices do I have in physical activity and movement? Who and what has influence over me and vice versa (Socio-ecological perspective)? How How does this stay the same or change between individual and group activities? How can I enjoy working in a group? How can I help others enjoy working with me in a group (Attitudes & Values)? So what what are the benefits of a group working well together (Hauora)? How can I transfer this to other areas of my life and vice versa (Health Promotion)?