Year 12 Biology

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Year 12
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Biology helps us understand the big picture of life on Earth. This course builds on Level 1 ideas about genetic variation by investigating the interconnectedness of all living things at the cellular, organism and ecosystem levels. Using an understanding of DNA and gene expression, we explore the way living things maintain their community through inheritance as well as undergoing evolutionary change.

Prerequisites: 12 Level 1 Science credits (including AS 1.9 Genetics), plus 8 Level 1 English credits. Students with fewer than 12 credits need to apply to the Head of Learning area - Ms Mora - for provisional entry.

Level 2 Biology is a full year course, of five topics, that works towards gaining 19 Level Two credits for the NCEA. Three of the standards are assessed internally (11 credits), the two remaining standards are externally assessed (8 credits).

Students need to gain 12 credits at Level 2 to be eligible for entry into Level 3 Biology. 

Level 2 Biology Course Information 2015

Topics and Assessment (in approximate order covered)


Achievement Standard No.







Community Study

Biology 2.6

AS 91158 v2 Internal

Investigate a pattern in an ecological community.




Term 1 Week 7


Gas Exchange

Biology 2.3

AS 91155 v2 Internal

Demonstrate understanding of adaptation of plants or animals to their way of life.




Term 2 Week 4


Biological Investigation

  Biology 2.1

AS 91153 v2 Internal

Carry out a practical investigation in a biological context.




Term 2 Week 8


Cell Biology

  Biology 2.4

AS 91156 v2 External

Demonstrate understanding of life processes at the cellular level.




Term 3 Week 4


Genetic Variation

Biology 2.5

AS 91157 v2 External

Demonstrate understanding of genetic variation and change.




Term 3 Week 10


The Science Learning Area website provides an online learning environment students can use to revise their work and prepare for future learning. They will be able to complete quizzes, contribute to forums, access resources and receive important notices. The site is accessed by going to

Stationary Requirements: To ensure that students can access all course work during the year, particularly for the external standards, all notes and exercises are to be completed in a 1B8 Hardcover exercise book. Students are issued with a write on workbook ‘sciPAD Level 2 Biology’ at a cost of $15. 

If further information is required please contact the Head of Learning Area Helen Mora at