Year 9 Science

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Year 9
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In the year 9 Science course students work with challenging units of enquiry as they explore what science is and how scientists work. They will acquire scientific and investigative techniques to explore topics relevant to their lives from what has shaped our local landscape to the building blocks of our universe. 

Year 9 Course Outline 2015

The Science Learning Area website provides an online learning environment students can use to revise their work and prepare for future learning. They are able to complete quizzes, contribute to forums, access resources and receive important notices. The site is accessed by going to

Extra-Curricular Activities 
A range of extracurricular activities are offered to inspire and challenge our budding scientists; our students compete regionally and nationally in science competitions at all levels, Challenge projects at years 9 and 10, Hands-On Science for senior students, spending the holidays at CPIT on free courses or hanging out at lunchtime delving into questions and issues.