Kimihia Parents College (Contact: 982 0100 ext 701)

Kimihia Parents’ College is a Teen Parent Unit set up to provide a learning environment for pregnant teenagers or teenagers aged 19 and under who are parents. Students’ children can be cared for next door to our school in a purpose-built Early Learning Centre, though students are able to attend our school whose children are cared for by whanau, family or in other Early Learning Centres. Students are offered transport to and from school in vans with car-seats provided for babies and children.

Approach to curriculum delivery

We provide a specialised approach to curriculum delivery, including an individual education plan for each student. Staff at Kimihia are experienced at teaching teenaged parents and are empathetic to the needs of students balancing study with child commitments. Students attending Kimihia have the opportunity to achieve NCEA Level 1, 2 and 3 and can study subjects such as Maths, Science, English, Computing, Young Enterprise, Home Economics, Childcare and Budgeting, as well as a wide range of additional subjects through the Correspondence School.

Ongoing guidance and support

There is also on-going guidance and support available, which is provided by a multitude of outside agencies and Linwood College professionals, such as the school’s nurse, guidance counsellors and social workers. Kimihia has a strong relationship with Presbyterian Support Service, the agency which provides social workers to assist young parents involved with WINZ. One of the school’s pastoral care priorities at the moment is to promote healthy lifestyles for students and whanau, including healthy eating and cooking, exercising and being smoke-free.

Bonus of studying at Kimihia

An added bonus of studying at Kimihia is the peer support from other young parents who are continuing their schooling, and the opportunities to be involved with other students in a similar situation. Twice a year students either visit or are visited by Karanga Mai, the Teen Parent Unit attached to Kaiapoi High School. Many students find they form lifelong friendships and support networks during their time at Kimihia.


Students are eligible to attend the TPU to receive free education up to the age of 19 years. Students who became parents while teenagers, but who are now no longer eligible for free education (ie. they have passed the 1st day of January following their 19th birthday) are not eligible to be enrolled in a teen parent unit, unless they enrolled before their 19th birthday. 19 year olds who fit into this category may continue to study at Kimihia until they have completed their education.

All enquiries contact: Mrs Diane Atkins 03-982-0100 x701